5AM Club



Starts | 1 June
Ends | 30 June

Own Your Morning. Elevate your life.

Learn to hit the ground running and win your morning.

  1. Wake up early to allow you time to start strong
  2. Drink a big glass of water
  3. Get Moving
  4. Soul Time
  5. Healthy Shake and Morning Tea
  6. Get dressed for success
  7. Plan your day : Appointments and To-Do List
  8. Get going

This Challenge includes the accountability and Guidance you need to learn the power of an effective and consistent morning routine and stay consistent with the boundaries of your choice.


A Morning Self Care Pack
Rise Planner Pad
30 Servings of Herbalife Vanilla Shake
Recipes for preparing your healthy and balanced morning shake
A Shaker Bottle and a Scoop

A WhatsApp accountability to get you up when you are tempted to snooze and for a daily dose of encouragment.

Start loving the smell of fresh ambition in the morning



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