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5A Sherwood Court, Dreyersdal Road, Bergvliet


  • First Session (once-off)  R200
  • 1 Drop-In Session R300
  • 10 Sessions R3000


  • 1 Session per week R1200 Per Month
  • 2 Sessions per week R2200 Per Month
  • 3 Sessions per week R3000 Per Month


The most enjoyable form of self care.

The BODYROLL is effective in mobilising the lymphatic system which lies directly beneath the skin. This facilitates the removal of waste and toxins from body tissue. This reduces swelling and naturally improves the appearance of cellulite.

BODYROLL machines are designed for weight loss, body sculpting and detoxification. Infrared-heated rollers with adjustable speed and heat supply provide acupressure and lymphatic drainage, improving blood and lymph circulation. This accelerates the metabolism, reducing fatty tissue and eliminating waste products. Regular use removes fat, sculpts the body, tightens skin and breaks up muscle tightness.

It uses infrared and colour therapy and specially designed deep tissue massage rollers to give you a transformative health experience in one 45-minute session.

Lymphatic massage not only results in detoxification.  It also helps relieves muscle tension and is one of the best recovery tools you can use for rehabilitation or sore muscles through athletic exertion.

BODYROLL provides one of the most effective methods of fat burning and cellulite reduction.
You feel amazing after first session. For cellulite treatment one should do 10 sessions.

Benefits of Rolling

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Removes Toxins
  • Tightens Skin
  • Flattens belly
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Decreases Viscosity
  • Muscle Relaxer


BODYROLL was developed in Poland in 1997.  The technology is based on the methods and principles found in traditional Chinese medicine. The stimulating effects are achieved through deep tissue massage along the body’s nerve meridians, which travel to, and impact, all parts of the body inside and out, including the organs.


BODYROLL is the only device of its kind that has successfully passed clinical testing in a medical environment.



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First Session (once-off), One Drop-in Session, 10 Sessions, 1 session per week (monthly package), 2 sessions per week (monthly package), 3 sessions per week (monthly package)


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