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  • Requires limited equipment (Dumbbells/Skipping rope).


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  • Workouts will always be new and exciting and easy to follow, teaching you different ways to move, improving your strength, fitness and flexibility.
  • You have the freedom to complete the workouts in any order you choose and on the days that best fit your schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

One calendar month’s notice is required for your subscription cancellation.

NOTE:   You pay for your subscription in advance of the covered period (Monthly/Yearly).

To avoid being charged for the next period, you may cancel your subscription before the start of your next billing cycle.

Please note that your billing cycle begins the day that you pay for your subscription.

When you cancel your subscription, you can still access the service normally until the end of the paid period.

To cancel please send a request through to:

What is your refund policy?

If you feel you have not received value for your money, or been misled and not received what you were promised, we will refund your most recent paid subscription.

Please note that you only qualify for a refund within 72 hours of your first payment and initial access to Rise Studios Online Training Platform.

There will be an admin fee of R80 levied and the difference will be refunded.

Should you wish to receive this refund please email:

Should you miss the 72-hour window for our refund policy please follow One Month Cancellation Policy to withdraw from our Platform.